Sunday, May 4, 2014

Welcome aboard!

My name is Denis Costello, and I am a chemistry teacher from Cypress Lakes High School in Katy, Texas.  I'm looking forward to taking part in my fourth major oceanographic research cruise as a teacher at sea.   I will be living aboard the R/V Melville.  

Having taken part in previous cruises, I have been able to work alongside scientists to bring my experiences back to the classroom.  Conducting science at sea is very different from doing so in a standard laboratory.  The ship rocks, weather conditions may change, and people are confined to the same working and living spaces.  Teamwork and patience are needed by all to make sure that the research is carried out safely.

I am excited to work again with my former professor, from my undergraduate studies at USC, Dr. William Cochlan.  Dr. Cochlan is a senior research scientist at the Romberg Tiburon Center at San Francisco State University and will serve as the chief scientist for this cruise.  I will also work with a fellow science educator, Trey Joyner.   He is a teacher and coach at Normal Park Museum Magnet School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  You can follow his blog here:

I look forward to hearing from my students and the public.  Please feel free to send me questions through this blog.  You can also follow me on Twitter:  @SoCalCostello.

Dr. Cochlan and myself aboard the R/V Kilo Moana

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